Mercer County Point in Time Count

Mercer County Point in Time CountMercer County will participate in NJ Counts 2015, a state-wide Point-in-Time count of the sheltered and unsheltered homeless. The Count’s results will continue to guide planning efforts to end homelessness across the state.

When: Wednesday January 28th, 2015 beginning at midnight on the 28th until midnight on the 29th.

How: Homeless individuals in shelter or transitional housing will be counted using HMIS. The Unsheltered count will be conducted by Street Outreach teams lead by the Rescue Mission, Greater Trenton Behavioral Health Care, Anchor House, Homefront and Catholic Charities.

What we still need:

NJ Counts is designed to help us define the scope of homelessness in our community and to help plan for the most efficient use of our limited resources.

Let’s make this year count!