2014 Mercer County Point-In-Time Count Fact Sheet

Mercer County 2014 Overall Results

2014 Point in Time
  • 632 homeless men, women and children were counted across Mercer County on the night of January 28, 2014.
  • This was an overall decrease of 36 persons, or 5%, compared to the 2013 count.
  • 64 persons, in 63 households, were identified as chronically homeless, an increase of 6 persons, or 10.3%, compared to the 2013.
  • 38 persons were living unsheltered; down 43% from the 67 persons counted in 2013.

NJ Counts 2014 Key Findings

Point in Time 5 Year
  • The number of homeless persons in transitional housing (201) and living unsheltered (38) both fell, but the number of those in emergency shelters increased by 55 persons (16.7%) to 393.
  • 71 of the 500 homeless households counted through NJ Counts 2014 were families with at least one child under 18 years old and at least one adult. In 2014, Mercer County counted 7 fewer homeless families than in 2013, a decrease of 9.9%. Since 2010, the number of homeless families has fallen by 52.7%.
  • Mercer County had the lowest lengths of homelessness among households, with only 6.4% reporting being homeless for over a year; 70.2% had been homeless for less than 3 months.
  • 52% of homeless persons reported some type of disability, with 25% reporting mental health issues and 23% reporting substance abuse disorders.
  • 41% of homeless households reported having no income; 36% had no non-cash benefits.

This data comes from Monarch Housing Associates’ NJ Counts 2014 report based on the Mercer County Point-In-Time Count of the Homeless available at http://monarchhousing.org. For more information, contact Monarch Housing Associates: Jay Everett – – 908-272-5363 x222

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