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Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness


This past summer the Governor signed into law the most comprehensive housing bill in the last quarter-century. Among other things, the bill abolished Regional Contribution Agreements, set a higher standard for municipalities’ obligations to provide very low income housing and established a State Housing Commission, which will produce an annual housing plan with defined goals for the state.

Now, these achievements are at risk through an orchestrated campaign to defer the implementation of the COAH targets, so that the legislature can have time to revisit the bill and gut it.

We need to make sure that Governor Corzine knows that he shouldn’t listen to those who want to take housing opportunities away from thousands of New Jerseyans. As soon as you have a chance, please call the governor’s office to keep the progress we have made intact.

PLEASE CALL 609/292-6000 – This will take one minute of your time.


Tell the person who answers “I am calling to urge the Governor to support safe, decent housing for all New Jerseyans. He should not delay COAH plans, but implement the new fair housing law, A500.” Also, give your name, your town and, if they ask for it, your phone number.

Please email Mary Stevens (mstevens@merceralliance.org) so that we can keep track of the calls going in.

Thanks so much for taking this important action.

Herb Levine
Executive Director


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