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Mercer Alliance Asks
Mayoral Candidates questions affecting
low-income people and homeless in Trenton?

The costs of homelessness impact on every tax-payer. The Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness thinks that voters should know what mayoral candidates think about this issue before they vote. That’s why our Alliance, which comprises leaders from government, non-profit and business sectors, asked the Trenton mayoral candidates five questions.

The Alliance is not endorsing any candidate. Our role is an educational one -- to make sure that the issues we care the most about are addressed in the campaign.

Here are our five questions:

1) What role do you see for human services in the continued development of Trenton?

2) How does housing tie into your vision of Trenton's economic development?

3) How do you propose to deal with foreclosed and vacant buildings and vacant land in the neighborhoods of Trenton?

4) How can the city increase rental housing for low-income people at the same time that it works to attract middle & upper income home ownership?

5) What approach will you make to the State to reshape its financial involvement with Trenton?

Click below for the Mayoral Candidates answers:

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