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NJ Slow to Help Distressed Homeowners

Two years ago, New Jersey received $300 million from the federal government to help the unemployed from losing their homes. According to an investigative report by WABC reporter Jim Hoffer, less than $4-million of the $300-million has been spent, ranking New Jersey last among 18 recipient states in giving out these emergency foreclosure funds. Click the image below to view the report:

When confronted on the lack of leadership by the administration on the foreclosure crisis, Governor Christie went on the defensive as seen in this video posted by the Huffington Post. To learn more about WABC's findings, click here.

New Jerseyans cannot afford to wait, we need to use these foreclosure funds and we need to use them now. Please contact Governor Christie and your state legislator and urge them to make foreclosures a top priority!

Source: Housing & Community Development Network of NJ

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