Staff Profile – Kathleen Cassidy, Consultant

Kathleen Cassidy has been a consultant to the Mercer Alliance since 2008 and is involved in the development of new projects and outgoing support to the System Monitor.​ Ms. Cassidy has extensive policy and program development experience in various social service areas .  She served for 25 years in senior positions in New Jersey’s Department of Human Services. Her background includes work in mental health, children’s services, health, welfare reform, workforce development and developmental disabilities. Her focus was primarily strategic planning and the development of systems to support services to these various populations. She also has broad experience in the use of various federal funds to support programming.

Since her retirement from the Department of Human Services in 2002 she has worked as a consultant focusing on the development of self-directed services for individuals with various disabilities and supportive housing options for these individuals. Ms. Cassidy has a Master’s in Social Work and has taught social policy in the areas of poverty and health at the Rutgers’s Graduate School of Social Work.