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End homelessness.

Who We Are

The Mercer Alliance is a network of nonprofits, government agencies, corporate leaders, and those directly impacted by homelessness, who are committed to using our collective knowledge, resources, connections, and expertise to ensure that everyone in Mercer County, New Jersey has a place to call home. 


Government Agencies

Corporate Leaders

What We Do

The mission of the Mercer Alliance is to develop and promote policy and practice that prevents homelessness, houses those who are unhoused as quickly as possible, and provides people with the necessary supports to maintain housing. Since 2004, our board has convened stakeholders to develop a common vision for ending homelessness in Mercer County, and provided the leadership to carry it out. 

Current Campaign

Executive Director Frank Cirillo and Alliance Board member, Pastor Rupert Hall.

Pastor Rupert Hall, Chair of the Kingsbury Towers Board of Directors, with Frank Cirillo, Executive Director of the Mercer Alliance

Support the Preservation of Kingsbury Towers

Home to 1,000 Trenton residents

Kingsbury Towers is a 364-unit affordable housing development in downtown Trenton, which is home to 1,000 Trenton residents, roughly 1% of the City’s population, including families, seniors, and veterans. Now 50 years old, Kingsbury Towers must undergo an extensive rehabilitation to ensure safe, healthy living conditions for Kingsbury residents. The Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness strongly supports investing in the Kingsbury community.

Homelessness in Mercer County

Homelessness is a complex and dynamic problem. Families face an acute shortage of affordable housing, single individuals may have mental health and substance abuse problems, while veterans are often disconnected from services. Because the conditions causing homelessness shift, and in ways that can’t always be anticipated—from changes in the housing market and workforce, to public health crises—ending homelessness requires consistent adaptation to address problems as, and ideally before, they arise.