What we do

The mission of the Mercer Alliance is to develop and promote policy and practice that prevents homelessness, houses those who are unhoused as quickly as possible, and provides people with the necessary supports to maintain housing. Since 2004, our board has convened stakeholders to develop a common vision for ending homelessness in Mercer County, and provided the leadership to carry it out. 

Systems change requires breaking down silos, reorienting the work of institutions and organizations to achieve a common goal. Because the conditions causing homelessness are dynamic—from changes in the housing market and workforce, to public health crises—ending homelessness requires consistent adaptation to address problems as, and ideally before, they arise.

Mercer Alliance Milestones


Incorporated as a 501c3. Appointed board of directors composed of prominent non-profit directors, corporate leaders, and city and county government officials.


Released first 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.


Implemented Housing First demonstration program to permanently house the chronically homeless.


Issued updated plan to end homelessness.


Created data driven system for ending family homelessness.


 Frank Cirillo, then Director of the Mercer County Board of Social Services, honored by the White House as a “Champion for Change” for his work with the Mercer Alliance to end homelessness.


Created data-driven system to end chronic homelessness for individuals.


Issued updated plan to end homelessness. 


Mercer County reduces family homelessness by 74%, and chronic homelessness by 68% since 2007.


Met First Lady Michelle Obama’s challenge to end veterans’ homelessness.


Created Coordinated Entry and Assessment System to prevent homelessness, and rapidly rehouse, decreasing time spent homeless from 300 to 60 days.


Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes honored by National Alliance to End Homelessness for his leadership and collaboration with the Mercer Alliance.


Implemented SOAR system to increase benefits accessed by the homeless with mental health and/or physical disabilities, enabling them to sustain housing


Incorporated youth into Coordinated Entry and Assessment system.


Released updated plan to end homelessness.


Launched campaign to prevent homelessness for 1,000 residents of Kingsbury Towers by rehabbing the property, while building the capacity of tenants for sustained self-advocacy.